London Mahler Orchestra

Resurrection and Remembrance

Mahler’s second symphony by candlelight

Flyer from 2016 performance of Mahler Symphony No. 2

Epic in scale and epic in conception. Mahler’s ‘Resurrection Symphony’ is one of the most spectacular pieces of music ever written. Transcendent, redemptive and life-affirming—a massive and utterly awe-inspiring journey from often-terrifying funeral march to blazing choral hymn celebrating the ultimate rebirth of the spirit.

The London Mahler Orchestra joins forces with the Newbury Choral Society and the Billingshurst Choral Society for this magnificent musical journey and we are privileged to welcome soloists Elizabeth Sikora and Bibi Heal.

  1. Mahler—Symphony No. 2 Resurrection

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  1. Elizabeth Sikora mezzo-soprano
  2. Bibi Heal soprano
  3. Daniel Capps conductor
  4. London Mahler Orchestra
  5. Newbury Choral Society
  6. Billingshurst Choral Society

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