London Mahler Orchestra

Mahler Symphony No. 3

Epic symphony in epic setting

Artwork for the 2017 performance of Mahler Symphony No. 3

‘Imagine a work of such magnitude that it actually mirrors the whole world… in my symphony the whole of nature finds a voice’ – Gustav Mahler

Mahler’s third symphony is an extraordinary work, a metaphysical exploration of nature and spirituality with a staggering conclusion, an all-embracing fulfilment unlike anything he had written before—a profound utterance of serene power and beauty.

The London Mahler Orchestra joins forces with the Scherzo Ladies' Choir and the children's choir of The Centre for Young Musicians for this performance in aid of Cancer Research UK.

  1. Mahler—Symphony No. 3

Event details


  1. Hannah Poulson mezzo-soprano
  2. Daniel Capps conductor
  3. Matthew O'Keeffe chorus master
  4. London Mahler Orchestra
  5. Scherzo Ladies' Chorus
  6. Centre for Young Musicians Childrens' Choir

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